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My DSLR journey

Since I got my hands on a camera in 2011, there has been no turning back. Photography is a passion I developed over the years. I find an unspeakable joy in capturing photographs - colors, nature, children. It gives me a sense of peace and satisfaction to be able to capture God's beautiful creations. 

I do not have any professional degree in photography, however over time I gained so much interest that I did a basic course and learnt a lot online (yes, the internet has so much to share!). After a year of capturing pictures, I was asked by friends to do it professionally. I wasn't serious about it at all, until one day in 2012 I had someone email me on my Facebook page asking me for a wedding shoot booking! Since 2012 I have been able to capture photographs for many clients in India. I specialize in candid photography for children and families. I have also had the privilege of capturing photographs for charity events, programs and for fund-raising through photo-walks and workshops. 

He (God) has made everything beautiful in its time.
— Ecclesiastes 3:11, The bible



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For further information, bookings and pricing, email me at sallypeter.photography@gmail.com