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-  Martin Luther king jr

- Martin Luther king jr


Hello! In the summer of 2017 I graduated with an International MBA specializing in Marketing  and a PG Diploma in Social Sector Management from Schulich School of Business, Toronto. I currently work at Habitat for Humanity, Toronto as the Strategy Officer & Special Assistant to the CEO. 

I come from an educational background of technology and an experience of founding organization and groups promoting social causes. I am exhilarated by the boundless possibility that sits at the intersection of social work, entrepreneurship and technology. I strongly believe that economic empowerment of a target community is the best and sustainable way to uplift them. My dream is to be able to change and bring hope to more lives and be a co-creator of economic growth of those less fortunate.

As for my experience, I have worked on social causes focusing on children and women. I have spent over 3 years volunteering for 3 non-governmental organizations in India for children where I learnt and leveraged the power of education through toys, taught in orphanages, tutored street children and organized recreational programs for sick children. My involvement with Enactus led to the co-founding of Patched, a social enterprise with the aim of helping women trafficked into the red light areas safely exit the trade through entrepreneurship. I, as the President, with my team of 65 students worked in highly sequestered, inaccessible and potentially dangerous packets of our city. We started two social enterprises that helped 40 women. The project has won multiple awards from around the world. I also worked with international non-profit organizations and did CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects. Through all these I have gained valuable field experience in handling marketing, fund-raising, campaign designing and awareness programs.

 I would also attribute my confidence in leadership to leading and organizing four National MUN (Model United Nations) conferences in India. I had the privilege of representing my university in the Harvard University’s World MUN in Vancouver. MUN has given me the exposure of working with diplomats from multiple countries, understanding various cultural backgrounds and an international approach of solving issues through dialogue.

Some have been skeptical of my choice to move from an engineering background to one in the social sector. However, I know that my specialization in Computer Engineering has helped me learn how technology can be a conduit for change; by practically implementing innovative software projects, I can identify the role of technology in solving the world’s biggest challenges. I have created an e-commerce store for underprivileged artisans and, developed an android application to teach sign language for the deaf-mute and an augmented reality tool as a better learning aid for children with learning disabilities.

Working outside of my home country now is helping me view social problems in broader perspectives and learn multiple ways of resolving them. Habitat for Humanity being a charity and a social enterprise with a complex model makes work fun, challenging and educational always! I also am on the board of directors for Prison Fellowship Canada charity and volunteer with few local charities. 


my Personal life

First and foremost- Beloved of Jesus. Daughter of the King. Surrounded by his love and blessed by his peace.  

I am a 24 year old Indian girl currently living in Toronto. I am excited to see where God takes me during this year. By his grace and mercy, I am where I am today; and I am thankful for all that he has given me. I believe its God's will and my purpose in life to serve his people. I am grateful and humbled to have been given the strength and ability to serve people in multiple ways.

My beautiful family at home - Mumbai, India

My beautiful family at home - Mumbai, India


Photography / Volunteering with Charities for Children / Painting / Baking / Singing / Travelling 


Family / Pets / Red Velvet Cupcake / Kids / Disney / Camera / Blue / Mumbai 


So blessed to have seen 21 beautiful countries!